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Our unique application knowledge makes us the ideal partner to help optimize the force or weight measurement which is often needed in Automation. This willingness and capability to create form fitting designs enables the manufactures of automation equipment reach the highest level of cost and performance optimization.

Product Groups

S Beams

Our S-Beam Load Cell designs are perfect for applications where you need large capacities in a tight fit.
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Single Ended Beams

Our Single Ended Beam Load Cell family offers a variety of solutions for low profile scale applications.
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Single Point Cells

We don't take a "one fit for all" approach to its Single Point Load Cell solutions.
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Signal Conditioners

Our Signal Conditioners offering superior speed and accuracy required by OEM’s in industrial processing applications.
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Our digital load cells are ideal for connecting your weighing or force measurement application directly to a computer, DAS, HMI, or your proprietary controls.
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Planar Beams

Our Planar designs include a "Winged Beam" which applies techniques that improves non linearity performance to 0.002%; the best in the industry.
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Other Load Cells

Load Pins and Tension link load cells are some of the special load cells we offer.
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