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The best way to know how much material is left in your storage silo is to measure it by weight. Load cells have long been used to measure the raw material inventory in storage silos even as heavy as hundreds of thousands of pounds. These outdoor storage silos are commonly subjected to wind shears and extreme temperatures so reliability and performance cannot be taken for granted in this harsh application. Inventory management is important to keep production running efficiently. Running out of raw materials can seize production costing companies millions of dollars in lost throughput. Also, the plant yield, a critical performance measurement, is directly tied to accurate inventory management.


Our Canister load cells are hermetically sealed and very durable.
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Double Ended Beams

Group Four Double Ended Beam designs are basically two single-ended beams back-to-back in a single body to provide low profile solutions.
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Tank Weighing Modules

Tank weighing modules are used in a variety of weighing applications including tank, silo, bin, and hopper weight measurement.
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