Group Four Digital Load Cell Expansion and Partnership

Group Four Transducers, Inc. the World leader in load cell technology announces a range of updates to their digital load cell product offering.

Since announcing the SPF5 digital load cell in 2018, Group Four engineering has made tremendous strides by taking advantage of the unique ways to improve load cell performance using embedded digital load cell Technology. ‘Group Four has taken digital load cells to a new level of accuracy and stability, not only are they ideal for high-speed filling and check weighing applications, but we also see customers utilizing this technology for force measurement, tank bin and hopper weighing’, notes Steve Torres, Group Four Founder and CEO.

Since introducing the SPF5, Group-4 has added many new form factors, which simplifies the mounting and adaption of the Digital load cell into existing systems. A digital load cell, calibrated at the factory greatly simplifies the implementation, optimization and start up of a force or weight measurement system. Improvements in a load cells accuracy and stability, through the digital correction of linearity and temperature effects on Zero and Span, enable users to improve the accuracy of their measurement system.

For customers looking for a comprehensive test machine or control system interface, Group Four has partnered with Admet Technology of Norwood, MA, a leading provider of test and measurement instrumentation. This partnership further simplifies the implementation of digital load cells with an easy to use Admet test interface.

Whether our customers want to utilize our evaluation software directly with embedded load cell technology, utilize it as part of an Admet test interface, or connect to many commonly used HMI or PLC’s, Group Four Digital Load Cells offer ease of use and adjustment for all of these measurement solutions.

About Group Four Transducers
Group Four Transducers, Inc. is a global provider of weight and force measurement products. The company specializes in dependable, application-engineered products by utilizing its lean business philosophy to consistently meet the needs of its customers worldwide. The company’s products are found in a wide variety of applications specializing in packaging solutions but also ranging from physical rehabilitation equipment, medical devices, automated self-checkout scales, aircraft weight and balance apparatus, and thousands of other applications. Group Four Transducers is headquartered in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts with manufacturing in Massachusetts and Dankatua, Sri Lanka.

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