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Not seeing anything from our standard product line that will fit your application? Give us a call! We excel in modifying our standard products to fit your needs and can develop a completely custom sensor to fit your application. We start by reviewing the sensor application requirements and we will determine the feasibility. Then we will provide CAD drawings for your approval. We strive to work with our customers to meet their performance demands as well as your delivery requirements. Contact us today, we’d be happy to help!

DEBB is a unique load cell design concept which simplifies the mounting of the load cell and can reduce the complexity of your assembly. 

The  FSU is a low capacity low form factor single point load cell useful in medical scales, postal scales and industrial applications.
Capacity: .1, 2, 5kg
Applications: Compact scales, special application in medical, retail & counting scales, postal scales

 The SDFM is a stainless steel deflection transducer ideal for installing directly on suspension components in trucks and tractors. 

The SNAM is a stainless steel deflection transducer ideal for installing directly on suspension components in trucks and tractors. It measures the deflection and converts it to corresponding weight. It can also be placed on load carrying members to provide solutions for other on board weighing and custom applications. 

The TIB Stainless steel sensor is ideal for bulk weighing, tank weighing, silo, hopper material measurement. Often referred to as extensometers, the TIB is designed to attach to the structure to measure load. 

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